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How do I use the Dual-Speed cooling fan on my Air Flo controller for PS3?

The dual-speed Air Flo cooling fan can be toggled between three settings (“LOW”, “HIGH” and “OFF”) by pressing the dual-speed fan button located on the front of the controller (see Fig. 1 here).

  • To power the fan speed to “LOW”, press the dual-speed fan button once. The dual-speed fan button icon will illuminate red.
  • Press again to switch the fan speed to “HIGH”. The dual-speed fan button icon will illuminate blue.
  • Press again to power “OFF”.

The Air Flo controller must be connected to your PS3 before operating the dual-speed Air Flo cooling fan.

After 90 seconds of inactivity the Air Flo controller will enter Sleep Mode. Press any button to exit Sleep Mode.

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