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What does it mean when the Charging Stand/Station's light is flickering "Red"?

A: The battery pack and door may be loose - Ensure that the battery pack and door are properly installed

A: The battery pack may be upside down - Make sure the "+" side is facing up

If you still experience this issue after following these steps, please reach out to us here.

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    Daniel Matthews

    I have checked my battery and cover and it still flashes. I put the battery in 3 different controllers and whichever one it is in flashes when I lay it on the charger.

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    Yousef smysom

    Same ^^^ issue

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    fuckn shit product

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    Thomas Sepan

    This is my issue as well. I already own one of these products and I love it. Ordered a second one on Amazon, and this problem came up with the new unit right from the start. Obviously a bad battery. But I was told they won't ship me a new battery, because (mumble mumble) reasons.... Never a clear answer as to WHY. They just won't. Stupidest customer service ever. They make cable companies look proactive and customer friendly! It's a shame really, because it's a good product otherwise, and the simplest solution to keeping a customer happy is also the cheapest one. Ship me a new battery. I don't need a whole new charging station, and I shouldn't have to pack up and send back the charging station, because the problem isn't the charging station. But that looks like what I am going to have to do. Thanks for nothing, Power A

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